Cast & Crew

About the Filmmakers

Amanda Egbe and Rastko Novakovic are artists who work collectively as bashta. The purpose of bashta is to produce, disseminate, provide access to seek out and create engagement with arts, media and technology both locally and internationally. Our activities are interdisciplinary and based on practice and theory. They include: production, curating and exhibition; art management; workshops, masterclasses and symposia; consultancy; research; archiving.

Amanda Egbe is an artist and filmmaker. Her work often fuses documentary and fiction to create experimental film, video and art works. Alongside her own artistic practice, she continues to work documenting activities for charities, public bodies and community organisations.  She has carried out a number of workshops and education programs with all ages, using video as a tool for learning and development. She has worked on collaborative film projects like, and archiving the work of the Tesla group at UCL. Her research interests include digital media, the moving image, representation, space, identity and archives.

Rastko Novaković is engaged in an exploration of cinematic and social space through various media. Since 2000, he has completed one minute to feature-length videos, panoramas, open-air cinemas, documentaries, lyrical films, campaigning videos, documented performances, interventions in histories and spaces. He is a shop steward in the cinema industry and is active in the trade union movement. He also works with a number of housing campaigns in London and Europe.For more information see:

About the Cast and Crew

The evocative soundtrack for Deptford|Tributes came about as a collaboration with musicians: Mark DurhamKaj David and Logonaut, each brought their distinctive approaches to the project, producing field recordings and compositions in collaboration with the filmmaker

Additional camera work for the film was provided by the filmmaker and psychoanalyst Vladimir Mitreski who joined us during the wading of the river, sharing the load and our provisions.

The performers included Fernanda OgassawaraHilda Eusébio and Orsalia Dimitriou, who brought their unique talents to scripted elements of the film, merging fiction with documentary to great effect.

Terry Liddle a socialist and working class historianlent us his voice and his recollections from history of the area.

Julian Kingsland a stalwart in the local community and a friend of deptford creek.

Additional Information

The film was funded in part from a small grant from Lewisham Council’s Arts service, but the work owes its existence to the monetary support of individuals who sponsored the filmmakers on their filmed two day wade of the River Ravensbourne, a necessary form of film fundraising that guaranteed the film’s production.  A special mention to the BFI for the loan of the Fig Rig an indispensible tool for filming while wading knee deep in water.  The film could not have been completed without the support and local knowledge of the Creekside Centre in Deptford, who offered waders, advice and a warm place to dry off.