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A moving image work on the river Ravensbourne, directed by Amanda Egbe & Rastko Novaković (2009)

see url source link Navigating the Rivers Ravensbourne, Quaggy and Pool, from the Mouth of Deptford Creek to Caesar’s well in Keston; Deptford|Tributes Чехов купить закладку MQ Cocaine Mexico  is a tribute to the industries, peoples and ways of life on a river in the South East of London stretching out into Kent.  An experimental documentary which explores the production of the urban environment, watercourse and the everyday spaces and rhythms of the river, the film employs a mixture of classical cinematic, architectural and constructivist techniques. Deptford|Tributes  Боржоми купить шишки is an experiential moving image work, based on the record of a two day wade on the river Ravensbourne charting its entire length, steering a course within its banks. Wedged into this continuous travelling shot are a number of collisions with the surrounding landscape: Ladywell Fields on a Bank Holiday, a melodrama in Cornmill Gardens, the expanse of South Norwood Country Park.